The Alto Casentino Motorcycling Association was founded in 1985 and, thanks to its members’ passion, already in 1986 they organised the FIM MOTOCAMP of Camaldoli, soon recognised as one of the best events at an international level.
In 2000 the Alto Casentino Moto Club worked at the Ostia Lido and co-operated again for the FIM MOTOCAMP realisation.
Thanks to this experience, one more time the Italian Motorcycling Federation relied on us to organise the Motocamp 36th edition. 31 years after the first time, we decided to take the event back in our valley, the Casentino in the heart of Tuscany, and we picked Poppi as the event location.
All our team is working to offer the participants an unforgettable experience, staying true to our tradition: a warm welcome, the genuine quality of our products, the beauty of our land.


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